An Elizabethan woman stitches a beard from her pubic hair to marry the woman she loves. A Punjabi-speaking Muslim girl tries to make her parents understand who she is by translating the untranslatable. A drag queen fighting in World War II must literally lip sync for her life.

A show about remembering (and forgetting) everyday LGBTQ+ changemakers.

VENUES INCLUDE: VAULT Festival and Loco Klub Bristol

“A brilliant show full of heart – it’s history that is far from dull and has been smacked through a queer kaleidoscope of charm, dark humour and vibrancy” - The Guardian

“A queer anthology which sizzles with an electric energy” - VAULT Emerging Critics

“As hilarious as it is heart-warming” - DIVA Magazine

“A powerful story about LGBT+ lives and love which crosses time.” - Mslexia

⭑⭑⭑⭑ The Crumb
⭑⭑⭑⭑ VAULT Emerging Critics

DIVA Magazine’s Top Eight VAULT Festival Shows [2020]
Thespie’s VAULT Festival Picks [2020]

Writers Clodagh Chapman & Sam Arbor
Director Sam Arbor
Producer Ben Orr
Associate Director & Dramaturg Clodagh Chapman
Additional Material Anna Fenton-Garvey & Anusha Abbas
Musical Director James Christensen
Drag Choreographer Ruth Wormington
Production Manager Grace Hart
Producing Assistant Gabi Spiro
Lighting Designer Ben Orr
Set Designer Polly Wain
Costume Designer Beck Throup
Script Development Billie Collins
Research Assistance Norena Shopland
Production Photographer Harry Plowden
VAULT Cast Anna Fenton-Garvey, Eden Peppercorn, Tom Taplin, Anusha Abbas, Ericka Posadas, Jacob Garvey, Lucy Mackay & Tarun Shah
Loco Klub Cast Anna Fenton-Garvey, Anusha Abbas, Sophie Graham, Elsa Rae-Lewellen, Jonny Fryer, Thi-An Nguyen, Andy Simpson, Anna Fenton-Garvey, Alex Jenn & Rosel Jackson-Stern